FOUNDER AND EDITOR IN CHIEF, Ansel Mounthly Magazine from 2023

A Dubai-based artist. He was born in 1977 in Ahvaz - Iran and has lived in Dubai since 2006.

He studied in the field of engineering at the beginning and graduated in Industrial engineering in the year 2001, but later he joined the university of art in Tehran to learn about Dramatic writing in its academic way. At the same time, he usually participated in art major events as an audience to develop his Aesthetic views and artistic attitudes, especially the events at the contemporary museum of Arts in Tehran.
Later, one of his short plays (Right at the 4 O'clock) was awarded in an academic theatre festival.

After his immigration to Dubai in 2006, he found his interest in visual art, and then he started the photography those years. He had courses in the field of photography and cinematography with famous world-class artists at the international associations of photography in Dubai and Sharjah.

Capturing the art of body and body dramatic movement is one of the interesting genres in photography for him. So, he decided to show this kind of art in some mediums over just a simple photograph, and then he found the medium of mixed_media and he started to create artwork by using his original photographs mixed with a variety of materials.


"A NARRATIVE ON MY PHOTOGRAPHS" in Persian "شرحی بر نورنگاره ها" author-photographer Reza Tajvidi published in 2022.

"The Other Place" "جایی دیگر" author "Sharr White" Translation to Farsi by Reza Tajvidi published in 2018.

Ansel Magazine (Monthly) in the field of Professional Photography.